Medication, our central role

The Oxford Dictionary of medication gives us this definition

A drug or other form of medicine that is used to treat or prevent disease. Not an entirely satisfactory definition as we frequently use prescribed medication to alleviate pain, or fight infections.

Medication, and the administration of it, is a critical and central part of our care. The job is taken very seriously. Our methods, training and record keeping are always a key part of any inspection from CQC.

Hard at work on the medication round at Fairlawn

We see in the newspapers from time to time, reports that Care Homes “drug” their residents. I can assure you now, we do not under any circumstances give anything to any resident, that isn’t prescribed by their GP.

We don’t hold “spare” medication either, and we are very keen that you don’t bring in anything without first speaking to the Registered Manager. I can tell you that CQC do have a habit of looking in the bedroom cupboards and drawers to see what they can find!

It is the truth that when CQC come for an inspection, should they discover that a resident has “acquired” a packet of Paracetamol from a well meaning visitor, they go barmy and that’s when the headlines say “care homes failing the medication regulations”. So please don’t be tempted to bring anything, not anything at all, into the home without checking with Nicole.

Thank you.