Gallery, are you in here?

Another day at Fairlawn

Happy housekeepers.

New laundry at last!
The new laundry was completed in double quick time, but there is always a BUT. After a little persuasion we managed to get everything working and now we have very happy housekeepers who can at last swing a cat in the laundry area! Ask Nicole, its a management joke apparently.

Fred or John I can’t remember, is hard at work getting everything working again. We did offer tea and coffee but he just worked away all day to get us working again. Great service JLA. The OTEX system is a super cleaning system used in most hospitals since the early days of the C-Diff scares. OTEX is the only system that guarantees to kill the C-diff and other harmful and extremely contagious germs. Not every care home has this system. We’ve had it for many years now and have been very happy with its capabilities. Check that the care home you select, uses this system too.

The New laundry building went up in double quick time. And its a decent size this time so that a certain amount of storage is also included. And the laundry will function a little better with more space to work.

Posing while grinding teeth!

Best not to ask what they are discussing.

There is a joke here but I’m not entirely sure anyone knows what it it. Nicole and Karen discussing a road map and whether it should be this way up! Maybe.

The home is usually in a continual state of repair and improvement, and to prove it Kevin is seen here hard at work painting in the long corridor. He’s a bit shy at first, but eventually he comes out with a brush full of wet paint and I’m standing there in a dark blue suit trying not to become the next thing to be painted!

Hands free painting!
The Painter and his apprentice!

Kevin is trying very hard to hide his amusement over the fact that Nicole is taking this picture of us, carrying out normal activities in the home. However it is quite hard to get Nicole to have her photo taken for the purpose of adding it here. A little leg pulling is going on, which sadly the camera did not catch.

I dropped in today (18th July 2019) and I thought i should add a picture of the happy staff to the website. I did ask Nicole, the Manager to pose for a quick snap. And thats about as good as it got. No Michael! Misery. Anyway I went into the kitchen and found another crazy group getting ready for lunch and here they are. See Nicole. All smiles. Bob, Karen & Sioban all enjoying (!) Bobs singing.

Happy staff! And not camera shy!!!
Mayoral Visit to Fairlawn Easter 2018
Councillor Mr Malcolm Greer and his lovely wife Brenda, were kind enough in the midst of a very busy schedule, to come and visit us at Easter this year.
He very kindly judged the Easter Baskets that residents had been making over the previous couple of weeks.
Then he made himself useful and after telling the chef that he was a little hungry, he cooked himself a fried egg and some of the neatest bread and butter soldiers we have ever seen. Fortuitously Brenda said it would be fun to take some photo’s just to prove that he can at least fry an egg! So Paula got to it.
Malcolm and Brenda had a good look around the premises and stood chatting to families and visitors in the garden. Even Barbie the neighbour had a chat over the garden fence!
As you can see he likes to get into the spirit of the event. Ears were loaned by a resident!
There was more than a little joviality over who could bake the better buns.
So the Mayor has added his name to the list, and we can call on him for help with fried eggs!
I think the chef was getting cheeky here and tried to snatch the plate away so that the Mayor would end up with egg on his shoes. But the Mayor told him who was boss!
Carefully holding the plate Malcolm plates up his snack and after cutting up the soldiers, hey presto!
What a great Mayor Malcolm has made. A truly gentle man. Brenda is the perfect foil for his larking about and stands back ready to enjoy the fun. Very many thanks to you both for brightening our day for the residents, their families and the staff too.
The Dancing Queen, nearly!

This is Sandra. Sandra is a sort of cross between a Dancing Queen and a whirling Dervish. We thought she had won the lottery this day, and was about to move to the south of France and live on Champagne for ever. Er, luckily for us she was just happy to be here at work, and is still the Dancing Queen of Fairlawn. The staff are supposed to keep themselves aware of the website and its content so it will be interesting to see how long it takes her to see this. We love you really Sandra! This Gallery will hopefully give you a flavour of the homes atmosphere.


Another day at Fairlawn Residential Care Home in Maidstone


Cake making in full swing. Fortunately for us, Bob the chef wasn’t looking and these ladies pinched some of his ingredients without him even noticing. Should have gone to specsavers!

The back garden gallery

This is a gallery of pictures, taken over a period of years at Fairlawn. We will continue to add more as time goes by. If you have any pictures that you have taken at the home, and would like to share them with us, we would like to see them.

Fairlawn back garden 001

There is a circular footpath at Fairlawn, which the residents, and their family and other visitors, can enjoy together. It is such a great way to pass some of the time visiting, and its very good for the residents too.The side footpath

The internal gallery

Here in the Gallery, we have started to introduce a selection of pictures which we hope will help you have a better idea of the premises here at Fairlawn.

Fairlawn picture 001

One of the new, more modern pictures decorating the large walls around the home. They really bring the place a splash of colour and vibrancy. We hope that you enjoy them too.


The Motley Crew, well only a small part of it actually. Sitting around in the sun again! Right, back to work you lot.


This is the main corridor at Fairlawn. Previously referred to as Seven Mile Lane! Though I don’t suppose anyone remembers that now. It looks slightly tilted here, but its straight, honestly. (I blame the photographer myself, he has offered to straighten the picture, but I think we will just leave him squirming about it) Is it me or does Lee look lost down the end?

Information and activity boad

This is our Administrator Lee, a truly great chap and he will probably be your first point of contact when you call or visit the home. Always smiling, Lee knows where to find everything. Usually! Just posing for this photo, he managed to stick the pin in his finger. Fortunately for Lee, there are any number of first aiders on the staff and he was never in much danger.

Bless him, this is Tony, a current resident at the home. We did ask him if he minded us taking his picture to add to the gallery, and he was quite happy. He was asked to help with the cooking after someone saw him laying the table, but he beat a hasty retreat.


We have entertainment at the home, and this is just one example. If you would like us to provide some particular type of entertainment, please let us know. And if you would like to join in, wonderful! We would love your help and so will your relative. Entertainment 001

The front view gallery

Outside the front door, in the summer, I do wish it would be sunny like this all the time. There is usually plenty of parking at the front. But if there are no spaces, please remember that Queens Road is a very busy road. If you are going to park outside the premises, take great care getting into and out of your vehicle!Fairlawn front entrance