Gallery, are you in here?

(Below) Happy housekeepers.

New laundry at last!
The new laundry was completed in double quick time, but there is always a BUT. After a little persuasion we managed to get everything working and now we have very happy housekeepers who can at last swing a cat in the laundry area! Ask Nicole, its a management joke apparently.

Posing while grinding teeth!

Best not to ask what they are discussing.

(Above) There is a joke here but I’m not entirely sure anyone knows what it it. Nicole and Karen discussing a road map and whether it should be this way up! Maybe.

(Below) I dropped in today (18th July 2019) and I thought i should add a picture of the happy staff to the website. I did ask Nicole, the Manager to pose for a quick snap. And that’s about as good as it got. Misery.

Anyway I went into the kitchen and found another crazy group getting ready for lunch and here they are. See Nicole. All smiles. Bob, Karen & Sioban all enjoying (!) Bobs singing.

Happy staff! And not camera shy!!!
The Dancing Queen, nearly!


This is Sandra. Sandra is a sort of cross between a Dancing Queen and a whirling Dervish. We thought she had won the lottery this day, and was about to move to the south of France and live on Champagne for ever. Er, luckily for us she was just happy to be here at work, and is still the Dancing Queen of Fairlawn. The staff are supposed to keep themselves aware of the website and its content so it will be interesting to see how long it takes her to see this. We love you really Sandra! This Gallery will hopefully give you a flavour of the home’s atmosphere.



The back garden

These are photos of our back garden area, taken over a period of years at Fairlawn. We will continue to add more as time goes by. If you have any pictures that you have taken at the home, and would like to share them with us, we would like to see them.

Fairlawn back garden 001

The internal gallery

Here in the Gallery, we have started to introduce a selection of pictures which we hope will help you have a better idea of the premises here at Fairlawn.

Fairlawn picture 001

(Above) One of the new, more modern pictures decorating the large walls around the home. They really bring the place a splash of colour and vibrancy. We hope that you enjoy them too.


(Above) This is the main corridor at Fairlawn. Previously referred to as Seven Mile Lane! Though I don’t suppose anyone remembers that now. It looks slightly tilted here, but its straight, honestly. (I blame the photographer myself, he has offered to straighten the picture, but I think we will just leave him squirming about it) Is it me or does Lee look lost down the end?

Information and activity boad

(Above) This is our Administrator Lee, a truly great chap and he will probably be your first point of contact when you call or visit the home. Always smiling, Lee knows where to find everything. Usually! Just posing for this photo, he managed to stick the pin in his finger. Fortunately for Lee, there are any number of first aiders on the staff and he was never in much danger.


If you would like us to provide some particular type of entertainment, please let us know and if you would like to join in, wonderful! We would love your help and so will your relative. 

The front view gallery

Outside the front door, in the summer, I do wish it would be sunny like this all the time. There is usually plenty of parking at the front. But if there are no spaces, please remember that Queens Road is a very busy road. If you are going to park outside the premises, take great care getting into and out of your vehicle!

Fairlawn front entrance