Fairlawn Residential Home, established for almost 25 years now, is well settled into its role caring for the elderly in Maidstone.

Previously the home of a wealthy businessman, it was built in the 1950’s, in those days the only additional accommodation was a bomb shelter in the garden!


No need to worry, we filled that in when were were extending the building in the back garden. We actually found it by accident, and it was quite interesting for all of five minutes. That’s about how long it took the building inspector to suck through his teeth and say “you’ll have to dig it out or fill it in”. So we had cement mixers lined up in the street whilst they filled it in. We did think about using it for parties for the residents, but er….. maybe not.

Anyway, that was a long time ago and we can laugh about it now.

In the summer we try to make the best of the home and, as a concentrated team effort, just manage to keep the hanging baskets alive!

We have moved the kitchen from its original location, to a completely new purpose built facility. Its fully compliant with all the current regulations, and some things that are not yet, but no doubt will be one day.

We also moved the dining room from the left hand side of the home to the right. Meals are now delivered directly into it from the new kitchen. We also rebuilt the food store room, and its now accessed directly from the kitchen.

We recently installed hard flooring in the dining area as it is easier to clean, and looks brighter too.

The back garden is easily accessed from two ends of the home. In the summer when the patio doors are open and residents can move in and out when they wish. The summer house is roughly halfway between the two doors.

Sometime our residents enjoy sitting outside, but they generally feel more comfortable in the lounge. In the summer it’s usually the grandchildren of the residents running around outside.

(Below) These two are probably talking about the weather (everyone’s favourite subject when sitting outside).

Discussing the accommodation? More likely the weather