Fairlawn background

Giving you a bit of Fairlawn background is easy. Fairlawn Residential Home is located in the heart of Maidstone, the County Town of Kent We are registered to accommodate 26 residents in a comfortable and caring environment. Being a small community encourages a homely atmosphere for all our residents, and we feel this is one of the most important factors that ensures our residents’ well being. We hope you think so too.

You will find the town centre very close by with all the usual facilities. Residents may use the frequent local bus service or taxis to reach the town centre. Other destinations such as local churches or friends and relatives are equally accessible. Maidstone’s central location in the County of Kent makes it easy for dispersed family and friends to visit.

Upstairs downstairs

There are seven bedrooms on the first floor, reached by stair lift (above). All these rooms have private en-suite facilities, and more extensive views. These rooms also tend to be a little quieter as they are that little bit away from the hubbub of the home. All the other bedrooms are on the ground floor, and have en-suite facilities. All bedrooms rooms have two call points for convenience of the resident.

We bought the home in 1999, just in time for the excitement of the Millennium! Since then we have removed all the double occupancy rooms, as they were unpopular with residents and families. There is a purpose built double room on the ground floor and the kitchen has been moved to a purpose built facility.

Everlasting laundry

The laundry has been moved outside the building to remove a source of noise as it operates almost 24 hours a day. The Otex System helps us keep lots of very unpleasant bugs at bay.

What’s next?

Changes continue, such as improving the front access doorway as it had been slightly too small for wheelchairs to negotiate with ease. As a bonus the improvements let in much more light to this area.

We have also fitted our summer house with a plexiglass divider (see photo above). This allows us to continue visits during Covid, although we are complying with government guidance regarding one designated visitor per resident. Hopefully this will only be temporary and we can all get back to normal before too much longer.

Giving some of the Fairlawn background has been fun, but please come by and have a look around. We look forward to seeing you here.

Come inside